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Silver City, New Mexico
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Est. 1999 


Welcome to Rapiddsn.com. Rapid Design is pleased that you stopped by, if you have any question please feel free to contact us.

RAPID DESIGN, located in Silver City, NM, offers complete design layout for complex printed circuit boards (PCB).

Quality by design is achieved through special attention to our customer specifications, positioning us well above other PCB service bureaus.

RAPID DESIGN is committed to providing its customers with creative, cost effective, single run services needed to meet the dynamic specifications of today's electronic packaging.

Our goal is to be a seamless extension of your staff and our experience in all areas of surface mount technology, high-speed communications and RF and analog circuits has made us an industry leader.

We understand engineering prerequisites and can communicate directly with your engineers. This enables us to determine potential problems, pre-manufacture, providing greater peace-of-mind for you, our customer.

RAPID DESIGN uses cutting edge tools and possesses the knowledge to assist your company in any type of design. We specialize in Mil-Spec, Wireless Communication, and Commercial Power Supplies, yet we can provide quality design services for all other engineering specifications. Some of our areas of expertise from inception to final manufacture design include;

  • Bob Griffith, Owner

    High Density SMT, mixed technology both sides
  • Multi-layer, blind and buried vias, and HDI
  • RF Boards
  • High Speed Digital
  • Power Supply Boards
  • Automotive, LED Lighting
  • UL, FCC and CE requirements

RAPID DESIGN's managing engineer has over 30 years of experience in the PCB design business. Our client list has grown over the years, to include many companies on the vanguard of electronic technologies.

RAPID DESIGN’s commitment to customer service is unwavering. Our PCB layout and design experience is extensive and ever changing. Therefore, we will remain in the forefront of the industry, not only meeting the requirements for today 's technology, but into the future, as well.

RAPID DESIGN is your single source for all of your PCB design needs. Whether it’s an ongoing out-sourcing agreement, or an occasional work overflow, we can provide your company with RAPID DESIGN, it’s in our name!

RAPID DESIGN is proud to have been selected as an on-going "Preferred Vendor" for the following companies;

  • Lumistar Inc., Carlsbad, CA
  • Baja Design, San Marcos, CA
  • Philips, Carlsbad, CA

RAPID DESIGN is a proud user and supporter of Altium and Mentor Graphic software.